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Bay Area Barns and Trails (BABT) is pleased to announce that after review and research, the board of directors selected 5 projects from 3 counties for grant awards totalling over $18,125.00. The funded projects were the first grants made by BABT since 2011 and were made possible by a bequest to BABT from founding president Barbara Weitz. With these awards the BABT board is pleased to forward our mission of preserving and protecting public access to stables and trails in the Bay Area.

For more information about these grants and our Grants Program please visit our Programs & Projects page.

Bay Area Barns and Trails is pleased to announce it will be opening applications for it's second series of grants for 2014 in November. For more information or to apply for a BABT grant visit our Programs & Projects page.

Bay Area Barns and Trails (BABT) assists landowners and land managers with preservation and maintenance of publicly accessible barns, stables, pastures, staging areas, horse camps, and trails throughout Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Mateo, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma Counties.

HISTORY of Grant Making
Bay Area Barns and Trails was incorporated as a California non-profit corporation in November 1999. Since 2000 BABT has helped conservation minded equestrians preserve and restore natural areas and wildlife habitat, maintain parks and public open space, equestrian facilities, trails and trailheads by awarding $175,000 in matching funds to thirty-nine land trusts, agencies and/or equestrian organizations.

In launching BABT, and in keeping the vision alive for more than 13 years, Barbara has left us a remarkable legacy. We are grateful for Barbara's leadership and her many contributions to the equestrian communities of the Bay Area. As we head into a new era, we look forward to building on her accomplishments and continuing our mission of preservation. Click here to read more about Barbara.

- BABT seeks to expand its Advisory Board to include Advisors from each county in the Bay Area. Equestrian, land manager or trails expertise are always appreciated. If you are interested in serving on our advisory board, or volunteering, please email us today.

- Contact BABT with news and information about stable preservation and trail access issues in your area:

Bay Area Barns and Trails is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization.
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