2018 Grant Application

Note: This is a text limited form, please be concise and use only the space allowed. Save the pdf and the name of your organization in the new file name. Please attach photos, estimates, letters of support, etc., either at the end of this application as a combined pdf, or saved as a separate document.


    CMDTRA arena project

  • Concord Mt. Diablo Trail Ride Association: Funding for new sand in their arena, used by many horse clubs, near Clayton CA.
  • Diablo Heritage Equestrian Association: Reconstruction of bleachers at the CMDTRA arena on Mt. Diablo. The arenas at the Concord Mt. Diablo Trail Ride Association, high above Clayton on Mt. Diablo have been a favorite destination for East Bay equestrians for decades. 2017 BABT grants will hep provide new sand for a better arena surface, and also, via the Diablo Equestrian Heritage Association, will enable safe reconstruction of bleachers.

  • halleckcreekranch

    Riders at Halleck Creek Ranch

  • Halleck Creek Ranch: Funds to assist implementation of a manure and storm water management plan to protect local streams near their stables, which offer therapeutic riding programs in Nicasio.
  • Ocean Riders of Marin: Matching funds for their ongoing progress towards construction of a new covered arena, which will enable more year-round programing at their stable on GGNRA land near Muir Beach.

  • sonoma

    Taylor Mountain project

  • Sonoma County Regional Parks Foundation: Taylor Mountain, near Santa Rosa, is one of the more recent additions to the Bay Area's open Spaces. In 2013, Volunteers for Outdoor California, with BABT's support, helped to build new trails there, including this bridge. In 2016, V-O-Cal returned to help improve trails, and the 2017 BABT grant will provide matching funds for 8 miles of new trail which will open up new sections of the mountain for hikers, equestrians and mountain bikers.

  • sanmateo

    Alambique Trail project

  • San Mateo County Parks Foundation: To assist with the re-route of the storm-damaged Alambique Trail in Wunderlich Park in Woodside. Like many Bay Area Parks, Wunderlich Park in Woodside suffered significant storm damage last winter, which closed down the Alambique Trail , a key equestrain connection in the park. In the Spring, a BABT grant helped to re-open the trail, but our new grant will enable a more ambitious and more permanent re-route of this important trail.

  • tricities

    Public arena at the Radke-Martinez Shoreline Regional Park

  • Tri-Cities Horsemen’s Association: Matching funds for perimeter fence panels and an announcer’s booth supporting their efforts to save the public arena at the Radke-Martinez Shoreline Regional Park.

  • trivalley

    Multi-use trail bridge connecting Livermore’s Sycamore Grove Park with EBRPD’s Del Valle Regional Open Space

  • Tri-Valley Trail Conservancy: Matching funds for the construction of a multi-use trail bridge connecting Livermore’s Sycamore Grove Park with EBRPD’s Del Valle Regional Open Space. This artist's conception shows the new bridge that BABT's grant will help the Tri-Valley Trail Conservancy construct. This bridge will establish a multi-use trails connection between Livermore's Sycamore Grove Park, where BABT funds helped Bay Area Barns and Trails build new trail earlier this year, to Del Valle Regional Park.


  • Bear Creek Stables: Gutters and water quality project.
  • Pt Reyes Morgan Horse Ranch: Construction/building maintenance project. Please "like" their Facebook page! Save Morgan Horse Ranch
  • Sonoma County Regional Parks Foundation: Multi-use trail construction at Helen Putnam Regional Park. See more about their matching grant challenge.
  • Ocean Riders of Marin: Covered arena matching funds. (pending)
  • San Ramon Valley Horsemen: Manure bunker construction at Park staging area in Livermore, CA. (pending)

  • Bear Creek Stables: Safe fencing for fire/emergency holding area.

  • McNee Ranch: Trail building tools.

  • Tilden Wildcat Horsemen’s Association: Support for East Bay Hills Benefit Ride.
  • Presidio Riding Club: Cross tie area to use for outreach programs.

  • V-O-CAL: Support for trail construction in two locations, Lime Ridge and Taylor Mountain.
Access Adventure: Stall mats and sidewalk area improvement for ADA.
San Mateo County Parks Foundation: Wunderlich Park Riding Ring Footing Project.
Bay Area Ridge Trail: Co-sponsor of 2016 Ridge to Bridge event.


Bay Area Barns and Trails (BABT) is pleased to announce that after review and research, the Board of Directors selected 9 projects from 5 counties for grant awards totaling $26,500.00. With these awards BABT continues our mission of preserving and protecting public access to stables and trails in the Bay Area.

Sonoma County Regional Parks Foundation: Multi-use trail building on Taylor Mountain. To learn more about Sonoma Regional Parks Foundation, click here.
Oakland City Stables: Facility improvement grant for manure bunkers. You can assist in their effort to support the renovation of Oakland City Stables. They are working away and need your support to renew this incredible jewel in the Oakland Hills! Please click here for more details.
Bay Area Ridge Trail: Co-sponsor of 2015 Ridge to Bridge event. Sign up for the 2016 Ridge to Bridge event! Click here for more details.
Marin Stables & Trails: To assist with expanding and covering the round pen, with the goal of increasing community outreach programs and environmental improvements to the creek.
Ocean Riders of Marin: Improvements for re-grading the turnout arena and moving the fence-line, for the protection of the local Redwood Crek watershed and to allow for the future Dias “safety connector” trail. We congratulate Ocean Riders on their new 10 year lease with the GGNRA! There is much work to be done, please help support Ocean Riders. Click here for more details.
San Mateo County Parks Foundation: Replace the retaining wall and improve trail conditions near the junction of the Alambique and Loop Trails in Wunderlich County Park. For more information or to support SMCPF, click here.

Tilden Wildcat Horsemen’s Association: Matching funds to help support the East Bay Hills Trails Benefit Ride, which supports the Bay Area Ridge Trail and volunteer trail maintenance on East Bay multi-use trails.
Trail Partners: Educational campaign and safety awareness for equestrians, bikers and hikers on public lands in Marin – Tails and Tires workshops. For more information about Trail Partners, or to make a donation, click here.

Volunteers for Outdoor California: To construct a new multi-use trail at Franklin Canyon, connecting to the Bay Area Ridge Trail in Fernandez Ranch and Pinole Watershed, benefiting the local and regional community. You can help support V-O-Cal by making a donation, for more details, click here.
Alta Bowl Horse Owners Association: $2500 for Horse Hill water project.
San Ramon Valley Horsemen’s Association: $625 to build a manure bunker at a trail head. Learn more about SRVHA.
Ocean Riders of Marin: $5000 for environmental protection projects (pending). Learn more, or to help support Ocean Riders.
Marin Stables & Trails: $5000 for arena project. Learn more, or to help support Marin Stables and Trails.
Tilden Wildcat Horsemen’s Association: $5000 for support of education/outreach at the East Bay Hills Trails Benefit Ride. Learn more, or to help support EBHTBR.
Friends of Bear Creek Stables: $2500. Support for an enlarged site plan.
Santa Clara Horsemen’s Association: $2500. Trail improvement project for a water trough on the Bay Area Ridge Trail.
Marin Stables & Trails: $5000 for arena project. Learn more, or to help support Marin Stables and Trails.
Community Horse Advocacy Program: $500: Trail improvement project to repair and add railings to a bridge on the Crystal Springs Trail in Huddart Park.